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You better believe it does! STUD 100® is a desensitizing spray that helps delay the male orgasm. STUD 100® uses Lidocaine, a safe and commonly used topical anesthetic used by medical and dental professionals. The sheer amount of positive responses STUD 100® has received is a testament to the product itself and speaks volumes about the brand’s reputation.

Check out our Reviews page to get a better understanding of what our customer’s think about the product.

To ensure you are receiving authentic STUD 100® that complies with Health Canada’s standards, here is some information you should know to better equip yourself in buying a safe, authentic product.

BMS Enterprises is the ONLY company authorized to legally import STUD 100® into Canada.

STUD 100® has recently upgraded its packaging in Canada. The new packaging consists of a new box that has an additional flap. That product cap, as always, will have the STUD 100® logo embossed on the top. If the product looks different, it is illegal to be sold in Canada. Learn More

Other variations of STUD 100® from other countries cannot be sold in Canada. They are illegal and have been smuggled. Further, counterfeit product cannot be sold and distributed nationwide.

If you come across either of the above, we encourage you to call BMS Enterprises upon your discovery so our team can further investigate.

If you are unsure about whether you have come across an illegal can of STUD 100®, please email us at : with images of the product in question. The bottom line is that you want a product that you know is safe, effective, and guaranteed to deliver the results you are looking for.

STUD 100® is super easy to use. Simply apply 1-2 sprays to the head and upper half of the penis, rub it in and wait the recommended timeframe of 15-20 minutes before springing into action. Wash your hands after application to prevent any desensitization where you don’t want it. The wait time is an integral step as you want the penis to absorb the spray, preventing any residue from transferring over to the user’s partner. The desensitizer spray typically remains on male genital area for approximately 2 hours before it dissipates, although desensitizing times may vary for everyone.

No, STUD 100® does not give you an erection, or help to cause an erection. STUD 100® acts as a desensitizing spray to help prolong the duration of an erection during sexual intercourse.

Both STUD 100® and Viagra™ are products that help to enhance your sexual experience, but with a different outcome. While Viagra™ is a medication that helps you to produce an erection, STUD 100® helps you maintain an erection through delaying ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting sex. You also do not need a prescription to buy STUD 100®.

Yes, it is very safe to use. 

STUD 100® is developed under the highest levels of production standards and goes through numerous tests even before it leaves the laboratory in the UK where it is produced.  When it arrives in Canada, BMS Enterprises conducts more tests to meet the guidelines set out by Health Canada so that the product is in compliance with Canadian law and can be made available to the public.  BMS stores STUD 100® in a safe environment and handles it with care when packing it up for sale, making sure customers receive quality, undamaged products. 

Absolutely! There have never been reports of any harmful effects on the vulva or the vagina. Be sure to wait the recommended 15-2 minutes after you apply STUD 100® to the penis to prevent any transfer to the vagina during intercourse. As with ALL delay sprays, you should not use STUD 100® if your partner is pregnant, or if you suspect them to be.

STUD 100® has been tested with leading brand latex condoms and meets quality control standards with the use of these products.

Yes. Once the recommended 15-20 minutes has surpassed after applying STUD 100®, it is safe to use lube during intercourse. 

Yes, this product is safe to use through all forms of sexual activity involving the penis. It should be noted, however, that it is recommended to wait approximately 15-20 minutes prior to engaging in oral sex to prevent the Lidocaine from transferring over to your partner. To eliminate any trace elements of Lidocaine that may remain afterwards, make sure to wash any contact areas when you are finished with oral sex.  

No, STUD 100® is a desensitizing spray. This means it will reduce the feeling in the nerves to help you last longer, but you will still feel every touch and sensation.

No, the desensitizing sensation will wear off in approximately 2 hours, though times may vary depending on the individual. STUD 100® is a topical spray that should be applied every time you want to last longer during sex. This will not result in a permanent stamina increase. The results of STUD 100® are temporary. There have not proven to be any negative lasting effects either.

Each bottle of STUD 100® contains 12g (7/16 fl. oz.) which works out to around 120 sprays.

Begin with 1-2 sprays.  If you feel the desensitization is not strong enough, apply more sprays gradually, until you reach the desired effect.  Be sure not to exceed 10 sprays per use. 

Each bottle of STUD 100® has an expiration date printed on the side.

Nope! STUD 100® is unscented.

The active ingredient in STUD 100® is Lidocaine USP 9.6% w/w. Lidocaine is commonly used in the medical profession and does not require a prescription to use.

Yes! Health Canada has a rigorous approval process for the general use of products like STUD 100®. BMS Enterprises obtained the rights to be the sole importer of STUD 100® in 1990 and since then, we have taken Health Canada’s standards seriously to provide customers with a quality product that has been properly tested to deliver a safe, consistent, results-driven experience every time.  STUD 100® has been assigned a Drug Identification Number (DIN) meaning it complies with Canadian law under the Food and Drugs Act, can be sold in Canada, and is safe for use.

Yes!  STUD 100® complies with Canadian law under the Food and Drugs Act, meeting the standards and regulations set out by Health Canada so it can be sold to the public.  It has been assigned a Drug Identification Number (DIN) meaning that STUD 100® has undergone and passed a review by Health Canada, authorizing it for sale and use.  BMS Enterprises is the only company authorized to legally import STUD 100® into Canada.

Nope! STUD 100® has been the #1 selling delay spray for over 50 years, worldwide!

Trials of STUD 100® took place on humans only. All the ingredients of STUD 100® are animal free. All the ingredients are either of plant origin or are chemically synthesized.

STUD 100® is best applied to an erect penis to make sure you are getting maximum coverage along the shaft and head, but it can be applied to a flaccid penis.  Everyone is different, make sure to follow the instructions included with the package, beginning with the minimum dosage to find what works best for you.

It is best to wait the suggested timeframe of approximately 15-20 minutes before engaging in intercourse or other sexual activity to avoid the transfer of the Lidocaine onto one’s partner. Although desensitizing times may vary for everyone, authentic STUD 100® is a powerful and trusted delay spray that typically lasts approximately 2 hours before it starts to dissipate.

We highly recommend waiting so that the spray can be absorbed into the penis. Allowing the spray to be absorbed means the effects won’t wear off too soon and the spray won’t transfer from the penis to your partner. You can even wait up to 30 minutes.

Do not use STUD 100 if you or your partner are sensitive or allergic to Lidocaine or other local anesthetics, as well as any of the inactive ingredients. Do not use on broken or irritated skin, or if your partner is pregnant. If you have liver or kidney problems, consult your doctor before using this product. Discontinue use if a rash or irritation develops.

We are proud to report that many gentlemen have repeatedly purchased this product over the years. Since our first day selling this product, there have not been any reports pointing to any negative long-term effects on the frequent or long-time use of STUD 100®.

A Drug Identification Number, or DIN, is an eight-digit number assigned by Health Canada to a drug product being marketed in Canada. It uniquely identifies the drug product as having been evaluated and authorized for sale in Canada, meaning it has undergone and passed a review of its formulation, labeling, and instructions for use. Once the DIN is assigned to the product, it can then be marketed in Canada. BMS complies with every request regarding the registration of STUD 100® including testing the product consistently for quality and covering yearly registration fees. DINs are required on all products defined as a drug under the Food and Drugs Act and any drug product sold without a DIN is not in compliance with Canadian Law.

In accordance with guidelines and for the safety of our consumers, suppliers, and carriers, STUD 100® is non-returnable and non-refundable, whether it has been opened or not. All sales of STUD 100® are final so we can maintain the integrity of the product, guaranteeing it is sealed, brand new, and in no way tampered with, for every customer.

You may use the following contact information for these purposes:

BMS Enterprises
Phone: (905) 793-6400
Toll-Free: 1-(800) 563-3664

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