How Do I Know My STUD 100® is Authentic?

Know the difference for your own safety.

We speak French

Authentic STUD 100® packaging, both box and bottle, features French translations for the Canadian market, whereas counterfeits will not.

The Spray Nozzle + Gold Neck

1) The spray nozzle on the counterfeit product (left) is dirty and cheap. It does not produce an even spray. The real STUD 100® (right) features a metered spray nozzle which produces the correct amount of spray per pump. This is important for efficacy and consistency.

2) The gold neck on the counterfeit (left) is less yellow than the real STUD 100® (right). Counterfeit bottles are also sealed using a different method which may cause the product to leak.

Bottle Design

The counterfeit product (left) uses a completely different design based on the old bottle artwork. The differences are pretty clear when compared to the real STUD 100® (right). Pay attention to the logo, information layout, and the lack of a DIN.

LOT Number + Expiry Date on the Bottle

Counterfeit bottles like the one on the left may not have a LOT number and expiry date punched onto the bottom surface of the can like the real one on the right. If they do have a LOT and expiry date, it has most likely been printed on to the can, which means every can they produce would have a fake LOT and expiry date and may not be safe. This LOT number is your assurance that STUD 100® is made in strict conditions and marked accordingly with each batch produced.

LOT Number + Expiry Date on the Package

The counterfeit packaging (top) may also list a LOT number and expiry date, although it is also usually just printed on the box, which is useless. The real process involves punching each individual box with a LOT number and expiry date that will match the can inside it, illustrated on the real packaging (bottom).

Differences in Packaging

STUD 100® has upgraded packaging to be compliant with Health Canada’s strict and necessary standards. This means it is now easier than ever to spot the authentic product from counterfeit.

The Signature Gold Cap

At this time, all official STUD 100® stock in Canada is sold with a gold coloured cap. If you buy STUD 100® without this gold cap, it is most likely a counterfeit product, or has been illegally smuggled into Canada.

Drug Identification Number

The packaging and the bottle will have a matching Drug Identification Number (DIN). If they don't match, or if either the can, box, or both do not have a DIN, it is most likely a counterfeit product, or has been illegally smuggled into Canada.

Unauthorized Sale of Stud 100® in Canada

Please note that STUD 100® with a black cap is only authorized for sale in the United States and is not permitted for sale in Canada due to the lack of a DIN number.

If you come across a store in Canada selling STUD 100® with a black cap, kindly report it to us at (416) 278-6651. As a token of our gratitude, we will provide you with a complimentary can of STUD 100®.

Why Does This Matter?

When it comes to health and safety, you should always be informed and never cut corners. Counterfeit products may claim to do the same thing, but what are their quality standards like if they can offer it so cheaply?

Illegally imported medications aren’t regulated, and therefore are not held to any quality standards. Do you really want to spray an unregulated product on your most sensitive areas that may cause a rash, or worse?

While counterfeit versions may indeed contain Lidocaine (the active ingredient in STUD 100®), they may use different amounts in every batch. Consistency is key when it comes to building your confidence.